You asked for a Moms Village – and we answered.

Dear Mommy-Bloggers of Late,

I’m fed up with you. I’m done.

I’ve read your stories, I’ve listened to your complaints, I’ve felt your pain. I’ve been you: a desperate, depressed, disparaged, postpartum mom. Exhausted and defeated, I thought we were the same. I envied your poetic way with words, reaching deep into my soul and expressing my hurt, my guilt, my fears. I thought you knew me; I thought we knew each other. I thought you were in this for the right reasons.

But now I know we’re different. I see through your lies. Turns out, we are not alike at all.

I’m not a writer. Well … that’s an understatement. I’m really a terrible communicator in general. I’m just a numbers girl. An engineer. A problem solver. So when I came up for air after my own PPD, I learned I wasn’t the only one struggling. I saw a growing problem – one that needed a SOLUTION, badly.

So I made one.

I did the work, I sacrificed the time, I made the plan. I completed the research, ran the calcs, filed the forms, donated the money (don’t tell hubby) and I did it all FOR YOU. I did it for the mom who “miss[ed] that village of mothers she never had” or who “got firsthand knowledge about how lonely motherhood could be”. I did it so no mom ever “feels ashamed because [she] isn’t enjoying new motherhood” or has to “envy another mom’s support network.” I thought together, we would alter the course for other future lonely, isolated moms. I thought that was the goal. To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or to know even one life has breathed easier because we have lived. I thought together, we’d succeed.

And I’m not the only one. Countless volunteers and PPD victims have come forward helping in a multitude of ways. Women and mothers are eager and encouraged by the prospect of Moms Village and creating a place to go for postpartum family services. Professionals and business owners are teaming up to advance the cause and create the services. An organization of kindness and compassion has formed to tackle the painful service gap so aptly described in your blogs.

And now, all we need is you. We’re ready. We just need your poetic words, your voice, your signature of support. We need you to follow your own words. “Because together we’re stronger, and between us all, we CAN make a difference. Perhaps the difference between life and death. It would be a great start, so I challenge you to try. These are stormy times. Get out there and BE the village.

The desperate, depressed, disillusioned moms you declare to be, those moms you claimed to understand and represent, we need you now. We need your help to tell the world that new moms are worth helping; that new moms are worth saving. Our petition for facility startup needs 100,000 signatures. Without public support, nothing changes. Without your voice, the cycle of isolation continues.

But where are you now Bloggers? This is your big chance! To make that everlasting difference, to create that safe place for future moms, to use your words to get the petition signatures that will open our doors.

Hello? Can you hear me? Are the Bloggers still out there? I’ve asked and asked, but none of you have responded, so I’m pleading now in the last way I know how. Because after all of your beautiful words about wanting a village, all I hear now is your silence.


Written by Charity Co-founder and President


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