infant care 3Infant care will provide new mothers an onsite opportunity to focus on themselves or their toddlers by employing and encouraging research-based early childhood learning practices. Care will include rocking, changing, feeding, holding, napping, playing with, and engaging babies to learn in a variety of ways, and as directed by both their mothers and certified teachers. Because all areas of development and learning are important and follow sequences at varying rates, Moms Village will create an environment for interaction of maturation and experience where children are challenged. Early experiences have profound effects on development and learning and are influenced by multiple social and cultural contexts. Moms Village is  a hub to provide for collaboration and intersection of a variety of these contexts to support the best possible outcomes for each child.

As the necessary foundation of the facility, the infant development area will remain centrally located, and designed to encourage discovery, exploration and interaction for babies thru 18 months of age.  Play is encouraged as an important vehicle for developing self-regulation and promoting language, cognition, and social competence. As child development proceeds toward greater complexity, self-regulation, and symbolic or representational capacities, the area and activities will correspond to each individual’s appropriate level.

Children develop best when they have secure relationships, which can be reinforced with a positive and secure family bond. Young infants (0-9 months) in particular seek security and continuity of care, which is reinforced with family available onsite if needed. Mothers, children, volunteers, and teachers work together to create deeper explorations of the environment, and to provide a variety of experiences that shape motivation and a love of learning. In addition to learning new ways to engage with their baby, mothers are also encouraged to take breaks to fulfill their own needs throughout the facility knowing their loved one is well cared for in a stable and consistent forum.  A quiet room housing 8 cribs with low light and white noise will be adjacent to the centralized infant area to facilitate napping schedules.

Breastfeeding accommodations, services, and support will also be provided.

infant care 2