The twin pillars of Beauty – Rest and Rejuvenation!---

Inviting showers and dressing rooms will provide new moms the chance to focus on themselves without struggling to entertain their children. Keeping babies happy, occupied, and learning will provide mothers with a guilt-free chance to act and dress as adults, or simply meditate during a peaceful shower.


Rejuvenation 2

One of the most vital roles of new motherhood is nighttime newborn care. It has caused family turmoil and trepidation toward infants for generations, and can take a lasting toll on a mother’s spirit and her relationships. Lack of sleep is a leading cause of depression and anxiety, and for those without help, can be nearly impossible to alleviate. For new moms, a simple nap or few moments to themselves can be priceless and incomparable.



At Moms Village, a quite room with comfy beds is available for mothers to refresh and recharge while their children are entertained and attended to. Volunteers will keep sheets fresh, lights will remain low, mothers can de-stress so they can more effectively care for their children. The welcoming room will include 8 classy built-in bunk beds, each with their own nightlight and curtain, and will have additional noise reduction to aid the relaxation. This rejuvenation is vital for the health and recovery of new mothers, as well as greatly improving the care children receive once back at home with a rested parent.


A makeup bar, a hair station and nails desk will enhance postpartum recovery and rejuvenation by improving spirit and self-confidence. Moms Village will provide children with care, but additional fees may apply for beauty services provided. Novice services will be complementary to low income mothers as available.