ToddlerCertified staff-led volunteers and teachers will play, sing, read, dance with, and care for toddlers thru age 4. Monitored playtime, as well as 20 minute structured activities and preschool classes will be available throughout the day, including storytimes, mini sports, crafts, music, and organized games such as Hide & Seek, Simon Says, or Red Light Green Light, Mother May I. Preschool lessons on numbers, letters, colors, and shapes will also be scattered throughout the day in the indoor playground area. There will be a dress up area, a built-in trampoline, a treehouse with slide into a foam pit, and craft tables. There will be a reading nook, sports gear to promote physical activity, and learning toys to engage imaginations.



Toddler 2Mothers are also encouraged to participate and take the opportunity to share one on one time with their toddler. Toddlers (16 to 36 months) are working on their identity; they want to know who they are and who’s in charge. As these babies transition to becoming an older sibling, it is important to have dedicated parent interaction. With most toddler programs requiring Mommy & Me participation, older siblings can be withheld from such activities due to a new baby’s arrival. But at Moms Village, toddlers can have dedicated time with their mother while the younger baby is cared for in the infant area. Alternatively, toddlers can enjoy the programs with volunteer support if family needs so require. This will allow onsite mothers time for self-care, nursing, or one-on-one time with their new baby.