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The Moms Village facility will house a fully equipped kitchen stocked with healthy foods, including toddler snacks and baby purees.  Four stove top ovens, two extra-large refrigerators, a dishwasher and microwave will provide opportunities for new moms to prepare meals and attend weekday cooking classes. Meal prep staples including pans, food processors and crock pots, utensils, along with ample counter space, will provide the comforts of home with the added benefit of family and cleaning help. Although open to the toddler activity area to promote interaction, the kitchen will have a baby-gate entrance to prevent accidents.

Take on the traditional Paella. One pot meal of Chorizo and Spanish Rice made with tomatoes, onions, garlic green olives and peas, thyme and saffron.

The Moms Village program will also provide dedicated time and instruction on making baby purees, as well as weekly shopping lists matched to in-person instruction with a professional chef on preparing healthy dinners. Many new moms find the added burden of preparing fresh and healthy meals overwhelming, causing both their own recovery to slow, and their children’s diets to drop. In fact, many new mothers have little to no experience cooking and turn to take out or junk food. This program aims to have mothers returning home with 2-4 nights of dinners prepared for the week to relieve stress and anxiety over this often arduous task.

Cooking schedule

Join us for a cooking class while your child learns and plays with our trained care-givers.

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