About Us

All moms have been there. SURVIVAL MODE. You know what it is. Eating Sleeping Bathing – these things don’t exist in survival mode. What you wouldn’t give for someone to rock your bundle of joy to sleep while you TOOK A SHOWER. IN SILENCE. WITH HOT WATER. But with family busy or far away, friends with issues of their own, and a husband who’s MIA or stuck at work, or who just doesn’t understand … what’s a new mom to do? “Get Help” everyone says. But from where? Hiring a nanny as a stay-at-home mom is impractical and expensive, and can be riddled with guilt. Babysitters are often reserved for nights out with dad or other special occasions. The daily struggles during that first year of a baby’s life are extraordinary and end up taking a toll. Mom’s needs are put on the back burner, and that neglect can build up, often causing resentment or depression which poison family bonds. Sometimes these needs even drive moms back to work just to get a break! But somehow, moms suffer on and make it through.

And then the second kid comes. You think – I’ve got this! I’m a pro now, obviously. But surprise, that baby is NOTHING like the first. Your tried and trusted tricks don’t work, and not to mention, how do you entertain a toddler while you’re nursing? Or changing a diaper? Or rocking the new baby to sleep? Forget limiting screen time, and bring on the Disney movies. The existence of the mom, the toddler, and the new baby are all competing when a simple second set of arms or a loving hug or a shared laugh could flip the cycle on its head. We weren’t meant to raise babies alone. We were meant to be a team. A lifeline. A village. Let’s make that a reality. Let’s bring that togetherness back, at Moms Village.




Danielle Rigali, M.S.

President/Founder from Newport Beach

Danielle has been the foundation and workforce of Moms Village to date. Having graduated from UCLA with BS and MS degrees in engineering, she began a challenging career and married her college sweetheart. After struggling for years with infertility before turning to IVF, she nonetheless fell victim to postpartum depression with both of her sons, now 1 and 3 years old. With busy family and friends as tired as she was, she knew a place MUST be created to help moms get through their first year with a new baby. Thus Moms Village was created on October 1, 2015.

Natalie Kirkpatrick, MBA

Treasurer from Huntington Beach

With Natalie’s background in Business and Management, she has been vital in keeping our charity efforts on track and practical. She had to return to work full time only 6 weeks after the birth of her son, now 3 years, and notes that working full time is easier than staying home. Thinking of having another, she is afraid of how hard the first postpartum year can be, the lack of sleep, and the effects on the older sibling.


Laura Reimer, Esq.

Secretary from Long Beach

Laura has two vibrant girls ages 1 and 4, and a wonderful husband recently cured of cancer. With her postpartum year filled with his chemo treatments, trips to Texas for his surgeries, a demanding career, and an older toddler anxious for attention, she is the pillar of Moms Village strength for keeping a smile through it all.

Melissa Bielinski, PA

Board Member from Irvine

Melissa is the heart of the board with her sweet and caring nature. When her husband inexplicably broke up her family, her life turned upside down but she continues to put her 3 year old daughter first. Through her work in Healthcare, she knows how difficult depression can be and what a toll it can take on the rest of the family. She continues to remind us what matters most.